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Sagraincasa di Simona Fabrizio

Voc. S. Isidoro N. 59, 05011 Allerona (TR) ITALY

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Mobile  +39 3382949961    Email  info@sagraincasa.com

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This book is a SIGNED LIMITED EDITION With a  hard cover.

 11 x 11.5 inches (28x29cm) and has 192 pages.

Cost per book €60 + shipping

Please to consider that sharing few books with some friends and family will also allow you to pay less on the shipping costs. 


Julia Fox from Foxy Book Recs

 “A beautiful glimpse into a chef’s love of cooking,adventure, and sharing the things she loves most: good food,wine and Italy. Chef Simona’s book shares her story of finding her Italian dream. The stunning photography and delicious recipes provide a more intimate look into her journey and passion”.


Barbara Mcmahon journalist

“Simona Fabrizio opens the doors of her beautiful farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside and demonstrates how to cook mouth-watering Italian dishes - giving readers an insider look at the culinary traditions of one of most captivating countries in the world”.  


My Story and Recipes from Farm to Table

 This book is an expression of love.

      The ingredients in this book are few, but very precious. As we know in Italian cooking less is more:

      A hard cover book 11 x11.5 inches (28x29cm) 192 pages.

      A selection of beautiful artistic photography from the Umbrian countryside by Nick Cornish.

      The life of Simona Fabrizio a Roman girl who decided to move from a Mongolian restaurant in London to the countryside of Umbria.

      How an idea and love for Italian cooking became a business, Sagraincasa.

      The spirit of Italian cuisine explored through a number of delicious recipes. 

In this book by Simona Fabrizio, dedicated to the loving memory of her husband, the author wants to welcome you into her country life in Italy. Sharing with you her passion of good Italian food.

FROM THE AUTHOR “I would love to thank many people from family to friends, who have helped me on this beautiful project. Italians, Americans, English etc.. friendship  doesn’t need a flag”.

Sample Pages

Thank you so much for your reviews!

“Your book (books) arrived in excellent form and I love it. The photographs are wonderful  -  they really capture the beauty of the place and the food.  For those of us who have been there they are so evocative of the experience, and for those who have yet to visit they provide an enticing preview.  And I loved reading your life story (the parts shared in the book).  What an adventurous spirit you have, always ready to reinvent yourself as needed.  

I like the format.  There’s more story than in the usual ‘ethnic’ cookbook.  There are books that are novels or memoirs with recipes interspersed but yours is different.  It strikes me as a different balance than what I’ve read before - and very pleasing. 

Complimenti! I will gift the ones I ordered to friends and family, will plan to buy my own copy to have in my Orvieto house, next time I’m there.  Hopefully, as you say, next summer.”

Best, Valerie

“Hi Simona. Thank you very much for your beautiful book! I have opened one, my gift to myself I love it and I’m looking forward to gifting these books to friends and family. You have really done an incredible job with your story, your recipes and Nick’s photographs. Just wow!!!”


“Simona the book is beautiful !!! I absolutely love it. After I ordered the one for myself I ordered a second one for my sister in law Helen. Then I decided to order a third one for my brother. We were all there together with some other people. Should have ordered all three at once but I love it anyway. 
I have to say, and all who were at the house in Umbria on our Italy trip, feel that the dinner you cooked for us was by far the best meal we had while there.” 
Maryanne Bacigalupo 

"You don’t have to be a foodie or a chef to be completely enchanted by Simona Fabrizio’s cookbook, My Home to Yours Italian Cooking: My Story and Recipes from Farm to Table. You just have to love good storytelling. And honesty. And heart. I happen to know Simona personally, yet I was struck by how little I knew of her transformation from city girl to country dame. I always assumed she was born and raised on her farm with pots and pans; dirt and grape harvests. Simona's lovely cookbook is filled with rich tales interwoven with recipes sure to inspire your own Italian food journey."

Toni DeBella, Travel Writer

“Ciao Simona, your books arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for the expedited shipment.

What a beautiful publication!  The personal stories, history of Umbria region, photographs, book layout, large size of reading font (love it) and recipes are absolutely wonderful! Good job and congratulations to you and your team for this lovely publication!

We placed a copy on our coffee table, and we think of all the fond memories of Umbria and the fun day we spent at your farm when visiting the book!  Can't wait to give the other copy to our friend Liz for her birthday!”

Grazie Mille, JoAnn & Mark Ruffner

“I just got the package today , I started reading it and between your wonderful story and charming way of telling it, and Nicks photos I was weeping after only a few pages!!! It’s truly amazing and I feel honoured to have this book. The other two I bought will be for each of my daughters, Leah and Nina... I am so amazed of what you’ve accomplished and reading the details of your journey is wonderful! I still have much more to read, but I want to savour it like a good glass of wine ... congratulations."


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