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A beautiful farmhouse in Umbria run by an English speaking Italian Chef, is looking for positive, fun loving and enthusiastic COUPLES or TWO friends for seasonal internship. We would be happy to welcome people that can only stay for two months.

We will be running a Garden to Plate experience and will need your help in these two areas: A Chef's assistant and a Gardener position.

Assisting in the kitchen will include:

Food shopping, food prep, catering, assisting in cooking classes and confidence in a kitchen would be required.

Working in the garden will involve:

Taking care of the vegetable garden, cutting grass, general garden maintenance .

Free self contained accommodation will be provided in a beautiful farmhouse with stunning views of the Umbrian countryside.

Our farmhouse is located a 20 minute drive from Orvieto. A Driving licence is required, transport will be provided.

Emily Weiss:

Being apart of Simona’s Garden to Plate Project was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I was able to learn so much about cooking and gardening in the months I stayed at her lovely farmhouse. Everyday felt like a holiday. I loved being able to see the work I had done in the garden be used in the kitchen to make so many people happy. Along with the cooking and gardening, you learn so much about a culture that is completely different from your own. I felt so welcomed by Simona and the people and town of Allerona.

I learned so much and recommend this opportunity to everyone. You will not want to leave once your time is over. I cannot wait to return one day!

Thomas Herron:

Though my time at Sagraincasa was short it was a very enlightening part of my life. Simonas knowledge of both Italian cuisine and working the farm really make the time special at her beautiful farm house. From collaborating on new dishes and ideas to learning new cooking techniques and just sharing our passion for food was incredible opportunity for a chef. We were able to cook private dinners in villias throughout the umbria and Tuscany region witnessing some of the most beautiful sights of Italy. Surrounding Orvieto and Allerona make the experience that much better the restaurants, duomo, gelato made for a great down time.

My time with Simona will always have a special place with me I thank her so much for giving me this opportunity to share our love of food together.

Thomas Herron, Tom’s Taste


My time at the Garden to Plate project was so much fun. Not only is Simona on of the most welcoming people I have ever met, she is also a very talented chef.

The whole experience for me was overwhelmingly positive. I live in a city and being able to disconnect and spend my time on the farm, looking after the cats and garden, was a gift! Simona goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable.

She is also filled with all the insider information on how to live like a true local while living in Allerona.

Such a grounding experience for a city girl like myself.


I had the opportunity to participate in Chef Simona’s Sagraincasa.

A farm to table project that focused on fresh produce and quality ingredients.

My time there was nothing short of invaluable . Chef Simona guided the way and introduced me to the Italian way of life.

Her knowledge helped my comprehension of true Italian cuisine. I am forever grateful for the beautiful experience that was Sagraincasa.


A HUGE thank you to the lovely Simona for letting us stay in her home for a month, teaching us all about the ways of Italian cooking and trusting us with taking care of her garden!

Simona we can never thank you enough, we love you !!!!


For the last month I have been working on a garden to plate project with one of my best friends. We have had such an amazing time learning  about both cooking and gardening from our Italian Chef SIM! Whether it was from cooking classes/meal prep to watering plants/moving logs we had such an amazing experience and we are sooo thankful for this incredible opportunity!!!

Thank you for having us, we will miss you terribly x

Anthony Moceri:

Working at the Garden to Plate project was a one of a kind experience! From the food to the people to the country side living Allerona was simply the best!

Getting to know Chef Simona and learning to make some of her finest Italian dishes was truly amazing experience in itself.

Simona is such a sweet, loving and caring person and it shows through her devoted passion to the culinary arts.

While living in her farmhouse ,I learned so much from her in the short time I was there, from the kitchen to the garden making memories ever step of the way that I will never forget. I can’t tell you enough how much I truly loved this experience and would love to come back some day!

Thank you so much Chef Simona for everything.

Here’s what some of our previous guests had to say…


Simona is an incredibly warm and welcoming host. Our time in Italy was made all the more enjoyable by her prescience. The farmhouse, Allerona, and the nearby areas all felt more personal during our stay because of knowing Simona and having a local place to call home.

The property itself and the views of the surrounding hills are idyllic. Waking up with the sun and the daily ritual of coffee, gardening, cooking, and wine, and enjoying the peaceful sounds of nature and stars at night. Working with Simona in the kitchen is always entertaining, informative, and delicious!

It was truly an unforgettable experience to be welcomed and contribute to the land and the happiness of others through communal cooking. 


We stayed for the month of July and enjoyed many sunny and warm days.

A typical day for us included watering in the garden, trellising tomatoes, keeping up with yard work, helping with cooking classes. We had ample free time to relax, take walks, visit Allerona.

We also rented a car for a few weeks to explore many nearby areas including several visits to swim at Lake Bolsena.

We can’t say enough about Simona as a chef and host and vibrant person. Her farmhouse is truly a delightful place to stay and we loved every moment of being in such a beautiful and peaceful place.


My stay at Sagraincasa was an immense pleasure! Simona’s hospitality and generosity is unmatched.

She was very accommodating to your needs, she really cares about your comfort and makes sure that you have the time of your life. Her knowledge of food and experience really adds to the benefits of staying here.

The property she offers is absolutely beautiful, with an amazing view and grows very delicious product. It allows you to have a perfect taste of the beauty of Italy.

I have been honored to know Simona for a few years now and I constantly talk about my experiences with her to all my friends and family.

She has been a great host and an even better friend. I can never thank Simona enough for the opportunity she has given me. 

Natalie and Mike:

Working with Simona was a once in a lifetime experience, one that we will surely never forget! We treasured our time living at the farmhouse in what we believe is one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

The location is remote, (not ideal for everyone - if you don't like the quiet countryside) but for us it was the DREAM opportunity to experience country Italian living.

Simona is an incredibly special person and we feel honored to have had the opportunity to spend a few months working alongside her whether in cooking classes or in smaller settings in the villas.

She truly is the highlight of the experience. She is talented and a true joy to be around.

  We had the opportunity to harvest olives and watch their transition to olive oil from start to finish, and also pick grapes from Simona's   "front yard" and make them in to delicious grape juice.

  We wouldn't trade our experience for anything and would highly recommend this experience to anyone with a passion for food and a love   for busy days in the kitchen with quiet nights to follow. Thank you Simona, for everything! We love you!

For more information contact Simona at:


During my tenure at Sagraincasa I was fortunate enough to work directly with Simona and learn from her example of genuine hospitality.

My days were filled with trips to various markets, vendors, and towns that each had their own personalities. I was exposed to real Umbrian food in the Italian countryside, through the lens of an individual who was generous enough to share her extensive knowledge.

I made a genuine connection with Simona and still keep in contact with her today.

I will continue to highly recommend my experience at Sagraincasa, and especially Simona, who pours her heart into it.


My experience at Sagraincasa was magical.

Simona welcomed us with open arms and treated us like life long friends.

Walking up to her garden for the first time was breathtaking. The lush tomatoes, mirrored by rows of olive trees and grape vines, was a sight I will never forget. The restaurants and experiences she brought us to made us feel like true Italians.

My favorite task was grocery shopping, I could spend hours exploring the aisles filled with Italian delicacies.

The knowledge shared and immersion into Italian culture was a once in a lifetime experience.

Simona runs an exciting, unique and special operation, that I was lucky to have been a part of.

The Sagraincasa Garden to Plate Experience

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