If you have some time free during your stay in Umbria, why not visit some of the best local Cantine (wine estates) in the Orvieto area for a tour, a wine tasting and the chance to buy some of your favourite wines.

You can also visit  the best cheese makers of the area!  One of our visits is to a maker of pecorino and ricotta cheeses, who is the last cheese maker to utilize the traditional handmade methods.  After hearing about the history of the farm, the sheep and the pastures, you will see the making of the cheese and his cheese store.  Lunch is also provided, served by the family, at which you will enjoy not only his delicious range of cheeses, but also a selection of the family’s favourite dishes, accompanied by a  local wine.  There will be an opportunity to buy cheese to take back to enjoy at your villa, or, vacuum packed, to take back home with you.

N.B. This tour is not available in July and August, as the farm does not produce the cheeses during the very hot weather.

Another visit is to the best goat cheese maker in the area.  You will enjoy a tour of the farm, see the goats and the beautiful environment in which they are reared, visit the cheese store, and then enjoy a cheese tasting in the farmhouse, with carefully selected accompanying  wines. Again, there is an opportunity to purchase the cheese of your choice.

If you are a foodie like me, you must give one of these great value tours a go!

If you are interested in booking (Minimum 4 persons), and/or would like more information about the cost, duration and timings of the tours, please  email me at info@sagraincasa.com

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